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This week's Tip-sy Tuesday topic is How to Impress a Buyer? Here are my tips for all you sellers!


So there are a lot of things you could do, but one thing that I tell my clients to do all the time is when I give you your check-list, go back and look for all the receipts of things you've done for upgrades, find your history of bills, taxes and anything else about that house that's going to impress a buyer. 

if these documents are out when the buyers are coming in for showings it gives them the impression that you have

a) Maintained the property

b) You care to give them the right information

Which makes you look like you not only care about the next person, but you have also taken good care of your home. 



So keep that in mind if you're selling your home. The more information you can provide to the buyer the better, this will help your property stand above the rest! 



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