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This week's Tip-sy Tuesday topic is on what you can do to sell your land faster!


Let's talk about how you can double up your chances of selling that piece of land a little quicker.

But first, let's get into why it's so hard for someone to purchase land.

There is different financing for land, and most times you have to put a bigger chunk of money down and even when you do, most of the time you're going to a private lender. Meaning it's less often that this is an option for everyone. 


Now let's double up your chances! See if your Realtor® can talk to a builder and have them put on what's called a Facsimile listing and that way there's the option to sell the whole turn-key package to someone, and then the buyer would get financing like a regular home.


If you'd like any more information on this topic or any other topic, don't hesitate to ask!



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