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Planning our New Office Space!!

OCT: 2021

I have always had a plan in the back of my head to want my own office space someday. I didn’t necessarily think it would be something like this (This is even better) but I thought maybe someday I’d find a house on the Hammonds Plains Road and maybe renovate it into the new office.

After some serious chats in the Lawlor household, with Benny. We decided that we would incorporate a commercial build into our investment property plans. We have other projects planned for residential units, but we’ve decided to push this one ahead for a few reasons. (We found land we needed to jump on that’s not cheap to carry without starting our build soon….. this would probably be the biggest factor). Also because Ben didn’t think it was the best choice for me to dump more moula into our current space that I am renting for the office, because he knows I would take it too far lol.

To see where my head is at for our build, check out my latest video 🙂



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