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Fall Decor DIY

As most of you probably know by now, I love a good DIY and getting my craft on. There’s something so relaxing and rewarding about creating something from nothing! With Fall being my all-time favourite season there are just so many options for a good craft. Our team spent an afternoon channeling our inner DIY gurus and we have created a bunch of really great Fall decor ideas and the best part… They are all Budget-Friendly!

First, we started by creating a gorgeous Tablescape. This would be perfect for impressing your friends and family with Thanksgiving Dinner this year.

Most of the table can be set with items you already have in your home. For instance, we used the placemats, wine glasses, flatware, and dishes that I already had in my kitchen. If you’re looking for new dinnerware to use I would suggest checking out Winners/HomeSense. They usually have really great unique pieces perfect for creating a jaw-dropping table.

We started with the placemats, added a large dinner plate then folded and pressed some cloth napkins on top. You could spice this up with some seasonal napkins for any occasion. We then placed the smaller side plate on top and finished it off with a small painted pumpkin (which we will talk about later).​

To add some more flair to the table we grabbed some greenery that I already had laying around placed that down the middle of the table. This gives another element of design and really brings the whole tablescape together. We finished off the greenery with 2 small pumpkin & leaf clusters that I bought from Michaels.

Next, we decided to repurpose some dollar store pumpkins. These are your classic bright orange plastic pumpkins. They come in a bunch of different shapes and sizes now.  Depending on your style and decor you may want to keep the bright orange colour. Or if you’re like me and prefer the more muted tones they can be easily painted to give them a fresh look.  We used toll paints (oil-based paints) from the dollar store to paint our pumpkins but if you have chalk-paint laying around that would work as well. We painted our pumpkins in a variety of muted green and cream tones for a softer look. 

We also picked up a couple of larger pumpkins from the dollar store that were the same bright orange colour, but these ones had a cluster of leaves glued to the top where the stem would be. We decided to remove the leaves as they were quite large and didn’t match anything else we had going on. Kimberly had a few champagne corks laying around that we hot glued to the top of each pumpkin. This gave them a rustic, cottagey look which we loved. 

These little pumpkins are so versatile and can be used throughout your home where ever your heart desires. We decided to use them as part of our tablescape, as we mentioned earlier. We also added a few to our “coffee bar” display. 

The last two DIY’s we tried our hand at were really fun! I have been seeing this trendy chalkboard signs everywhere lately so instead of spending upwards of $20 on one, we decided that we could definitely recreate them for less. I picked up a couple of these really cool wooden canvases at the dollar store for around $3 and a Minwax stain from Kent. we flipped the canvases over and stained the frame and back. After the stain had time to dry, we painted the ‘inside’ of the canvas. You can use chalkboard paint to paint the insides and this will allow you to change up the message if you write with a piece of chalk or a chalk marker.

I didn’t have black chalkboard paint so we decided to go with regular toll paints. Once the paint dried we took a paint marker and each wrote our own message. There are SO many different examples and inspiration photos on Pinterest if you’re stuck deciding what to put on your chalkboard sign.

If you’re not into all that work (even though it’s not really that much work). You can find a pre-stained version at Walmart for around $8. The inside of this sign is not painted with chalkboard paint, therefore, you wouldn’t be able to change up the message on this one either. But if you’re in a hurry this option could save you a couple of steps and drying time.

The last craft we did was my personal favourite! I’ve been seeing these wooden painted beads all over Instagram and figured we could totally make a budget-friendly option. I’ve seen some of these types of beads selling for upwards of $50, our version only cost around $15.

I got the wooden beads from Michael’s for $10 and then picked up some white spray chalk paint and some twine from the dollar store. We strung the beads on to a long piece of twine, you can leave the beads the natural wood colour or spray them a colour of your choice; we decided to go with white.

Once the beads are dry, if the twine has excess paint you may want to replace it with a new piece of string. We then made tassels for each end. I cut a bunch of twine into about 10-inch pieces and doubled them over. I tied the twine around the top of the loop that is created by folding the string. I wrapped the twine around the loop a few times to give it a cleaner look.

Once I was happy with the way the tassels looked I attached them to both ends of the string of beads.

Don’t feel like you have to spend a fortune on all of the trendy seasonal decor. A lot of it can be recreated for a fraction of the price. We hope you try out some of these cute decor ideas for your own home! If you do, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram, so we can see what you come up with!


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