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Mortgage Lenders


Whether you are working with your bank or a broker it is important that you can depend on your mortgage lender for communication & service. They should also be able to ensure that you clearly understand the process, rates & packages. It doesn't hurt to shop around when searching for your mortgage lender so don't hesitate to ask for a phone or one-on-one meeting to ensure you and the professional you choose are a good fit! There are many fantastic mortgage specialists at the banks and brokerages here in the city but below are a few that we would recommend!

sarah nixon-miller.jpg

Mortgage Broker - The Mortgage Group

Sarah Nixon-Miller

Phone: (902) 225-7077



Leanne Myles.jpg

Senior Mortgage Advisor - Centum Home Lenders

Leanne Myles

Phone: (902) 482-2770



Shawna Snair.jpg

Mortgage Advisor - Premier Mortgage

Shawna Snair

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