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Team Leader of the Chelsea L Team:

Chelsea Katelin Lawlor (LeFort)


Realtor, "hobby" singer, Wife to an incredible husband & mom to our little boy RJ & sweet fur-baby Lilly! 

I am a strong believer in being creative & believing in your ideas!


I am originally from Cape Breton, although I didn't stick around long enough to pick up the accent! At age four my family and I moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia and it wasn't long after the move that I found myself enrolled in gymnastics. As a former gymnast, I had undergone 10 years of intense, elite level gymnastics. My strengths lie in my determination, ability to set firm goals, visualize and go after what I want! 

I can honestly relate so many aspects of my business to the skill set I learned as an athlete.


In 2011 I began my career in Real Estate, & I couldn't be more thankful for the life I have today because of it! This industry has allowed me to reconnect with so many people in my life. And not only that - but I get to make a difference in their experience of finding their next dream home! I think the most rewarding part, is staying in the loop with so many friends as they truly make a home theirs & getting texts with design updates, or asking for my advice for the perfect decor item in their new living room. THIS my friends is what I am truly passionate about! 


I specialize in working with

1st Time Home Buyers: I've created a process that truly prepares you for buying your first home! (Ahead of time! So HEY, if you are even thinking of buying your first home...NOW is the time to connect!)

New Construction: I've grown up around New Construction, as my father is a builder & my husband and I have also stared our own portfolio of New Construction investments! 

Online Marketing: Social Media has become an extremely powerful tool in any business, and I take pride in the focus I've developed to consistently growing my audience to better market the properties my team has listed for sale. 


Of course, I cover all aspects of Real Estate in HRM, but those two are my strongest suits of expertise. 


Besides all of that, I love growing my business with creativity & video marketing. So you may have stumbled across some of my homeowner video series. If you haven't checked them out yet - visit the "Home Love" tab ;). I promise they are fun & packed with useful info!


That's me in a nutshell (probably where I belong lol) - Chelsea L 

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