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Where to start when buying your first home
so you aren't left with any surprises or hidden fees!
Our proven 4 step system for understanding the entire home buying process, will leave you feeling confident in planning your next steps towards a smart investment!
Hint: There are FREE websites you can use that won't damage your credit score. Also, learn a few tricks if you are trying to build your credit score & what most lenders look for as a min needed for a mortgage!. 
In this Masterclass
More information about your credit score!
Yes, a lot of chatter goes on about "down payment", but what other things do mortgage companies look at in order to get pre-approved? Another Hint: Your job could dramatically affect the timing of when you buy a home!
What most lenders look at during a pre-approval!
Did you know that it's actually FREE to work with a buyers agent in most cases in Nova Scotia? Also, a common misconception is that it's cheaper to work with the listing agent. This could leave you in a major bind that you could easily avoid! Find out what were talking about BEFORE you start this process!
What you should actually be paying attention to in Real Estate Contracts!
Know what ALL the potential costs are, and when they come into play when buying a home! 
Covering the costs!
I just wanted to thank you & Kim again for the session tonight! My anxiety thinking about Real Estate has disappeared now that I've got a foundation of knowledge (Whereas 4 hours ago I didn't have a clue lol). 
I also really appreciate the importance you place on transparency with the client. I work in public relations and my previous job experience has involved signing contracts with clients, so I understand how being upfront and honest can make the experience more enjoyable for everyone. 
Thank you again! I look forward to working with you in the future!
Cheers,  Laura F.
Where to start when buying your first home
so you aren't left with any surprises or hidden fees!
A Note From Our Team:
Not only are we passionate about
helping our clients get into their first home, 
but also ensuring that you are making
the most out of your money & future return on investment!
get started!
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