Yummy Protein Pancakes

January 20, 2016

For the longest time, I talked about making these but never actually took the time to find a good recipe. Fast forward to now - my hubby & I eat them almost every morning!!! I found a great recipe & added one ingredient to make it less mushy. 


Here are my step by step instructions below :)




Here are the ingredients I use! These pictures show enough for two filling pancakes. (I usually cut it in half when I make them just for myself.)




Baking Powder

Vanilla Protein


Chocolate Chips (Or whatever you like). 













Use a fork to smash up 1 banana. (Average size banana)


























Until they look like this :)



























Add two eggs.




























Use just a little bit of baking powder (Remember this is only two pancakes - when I make one I only use about 1/8 of the teaspoon). 






















Two scoops of vanilla protein. { I use Arbonne protein - Comment if you don't know an arbonne consaultant & want to order it - my bestie happens to be a kickass one ;) }. 




















This is where I added oats to ensure the pancakes are not too mushy (The first time I made them they were). I grab what I can fit in my closed hand, per pancake. So in this case, two. (Yes as you can see I am very exact on my measurements lol). 













































After two "closed handfuls". 



























Turn the frying pan on medium heat to let it warm up.


























Let the mix sit for about 5 mins so it can thicken up a bit (While the frying pan is heating). 
























Let the pancake cook for a few mins before adding the chocolate chips (I make them with blueberries as well - but add whatever you like). 


These take a while to cook inside - you know it's ready to flip when you see these little bubbles start to happen. 















Let's talk syrup! I am always looking for ways to cut calories... now lets take a look at the back of these bottles. 























As you can see, this one is 160 calories per 3 tbsp.


























Then, there is this sugar free one! This one is 30 calories per 3 tbsp. ( I like my syrup so clearly this is a better option for me lol ). 























& you're done! Enjoy :)

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October 8, 2017

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